Category: Fiber

Add Libb

A love of color and texture fuel my inspiration to create unique works of fiber art that are both contemporary and extremely versatile. Website

The Broom Brothers

My brooms range from practical to whimsical and are always functional (even when that function is occasionally just making someone say wow!) Website

Jean Yao

Basket Art-Each piece of my work is a combination of natural material and weaver’s emphasizing in design, texture, color and form.

Bonnie Jayne Art

Transforming hair on cowhides into beautiful and unique wearable art is our passion. All design, cutting & stitching is done by the artist. Website

Shibumi Silks

Each piece is unique, created by manipulating acrylic paint upon a liquid surface with stylus and comb. An infinite array of color & design. Website


I used a very fine raffia fiber naturally dye with seeds & combined with exclusive fabric such as linen I do embroidery or silk. I cut,sewed & hand stitch for finish. Each piece of my...

Rag City Dolls

Using color and whimsy as guide, the artist hand sews soft animals to tickle the audience’s “warm and fuzzy” receptors. Website