Category: Clay

The Whistle Guy

Ocarinas are ancient and simple musical instruments. My whimsical creatures are easy and fun to play and are enjoyed by young and old alike. Website

Eric B Strange Pottery

I create functional, wheel-thrown pottery using stoneware and porcelain, which I high-fire in reduction, salt and soda atmospheres. I strive for strong forms, and use multiple, over-lapping glazes. Website

Grunge Goddess Pottery

Grunge Goddess pottery is handmade, predominantly wheel-thrown functional pottery. My shapes are organic, inspired by nature, with a healthy deference for the Divine. Website

Charlestowne Porcelaine

Our pottery was created to give a strong emphasis on the functionality of each individual pot. Utilizing an ancient process to simplify them Website

Ayla Mullen Ceramics

I make botanically-inspired functional pottery in stoneware. I want my pots to tell a story about the plants and landscapes that I love. Website

Happy Sandman Pottery

I throw on the potter’s wheel using high quality porcelain stoneware. I then alter pieces with hand carved designs. Pieces are glazed with personal recipes, and high fired for a unique result. Website