Category: Glass

Lisa’s Glass Studio

I create vibrant, large scale, kiln fired glass installations. My goal is to create work that makes you feel energized and excited. Website

Groovy Green Glass

Groovy uses reclaimed glass bottles and glassware to create function and beautiful works of art. We create glasses, mosaics, wind chimes, and new this year – wine blossom suncatchers. Website

Russell Glassworks

My work has roots in the history of European glass art. The techniques I use were invented in the 1400’s. I merge these with modern forms. Website

Earth Spirit Art and Glass

In my work I strive to show the motion and serenity found in waves, waterfalls, lakes and rivers. My pieces are free form and graceful. Website

Kickin Glass Art LLC

I create stained glass pieces and panels using the Tiffany copper foil method, along with the leaded glass method. I also like to incorporate recycled material such as bottles, plates and geodes.