Category: Painting

Suzanne Aulds Studio

The focus of my painting is on capturing the essence of a given environment in order to share my unique vision with my viewers. Website

Don Meinders

As a retired Biologist I try to bring my wildlife subjects to life in my paintings – exhibiting their unique characters and behaviors. Website

Godwin Kou

My painting theme is nature with lively color. I hope when people see my work, they will feel peace in their minds. Website

Jeff Laibson

Acrylic paintings of a abstract and jazz nature painted on canvas, paper, wood, plexi and drum heads.On each painting I add my own jazz melodies creating an expression of what jazz looks like to me....

Benedicto Ixtamer

I paint with oil paint on hand woven, the variety of my brushes and spatulas make my art vibrants in texture and color. Website

B Smith Brushworks

My paintings are made using professional Belgian linen stretched canvas. I use high grade oil paints using brushes and occasionally a palette knife to give a impasto effect. Website

Billy S

Billy S creates colorful, painted works on canvas and many found items in an effort to bring happiness & love, recycling many items in meantime. Website