Category: Wood

Tim Goodson Wood Design

I love working with natural materials and hand tools especially chisels and axes. I strive to create functional art for home or business.

Against the Grain

I have always believed I could carve and shape wood.When I was 10,I begged my parents to buy me a carving set.

PAW Woodcarvings Ent.

While recovering from cancer I discovered the art of wood sculpting.The time spent working wood into my vision is very rewarding. Website

JT’s Wooden Toys

After retiring 22 yrs I started making heirloom wooden toys out of natural woods,that can be played with & passed down to other generations.

Jeffry Johnson

I heighten the beauty and functionality of common kitchen tools thus adding some beauty in their use and an extra luster to our memories.

First Mountain Woodcraft

Wooden turnings, carvings, laser etchings, even canoes and coolers make up our art collection. Each piece is designed and created in our shop. Website