Category: Jazz Stage

Gray Mayfield Trio

On the bandstand, Gray Mayfield forges a sense of genuine connection with his audience as a torchbearer for the art form. Whether playing a club date or a festival, Mayfield treats each performance as if it were his very last.

The Soul Play Band

Soul Play is a high energy, multi-genre band whose soulful and sultry sounds will make you want to dance and sing along. Fairly new on the Augusta music scene, this group consists of a drummer, keyboardist, bass and lead guitarists and 3 lead vocalists.

The Soul Project

We are a local band that enjoys playing classic soul music along with R&B and Rock n’ Roll. We love to play, have fun and put on a show that everyone can enjoy.

The Tandem

We are a power trio that loves to play the blues, Rock n’ Roll and anything that we consider good music. We love to work in 3 part harmonies along with fun instrumental solos. You can count on The Tandem to put on a show that won’t disappoint.